The Music of Star Trek

The Music of Star Trek

When I was a kid and I watched the Star Trek: The Next Generation, I was surprised how much the music moved me. I am primarily talking about the theme song. Maybe it was because the show did such a great job of invoking emotion from episode to episode, but all the themes were moving.

Deep Space 9’s theme was haunting and did a great job of reflecting the meaning of the series. It wasn’t a show about going places in fast ships. It didn’t need the fast paced theme and the instrumental just seemed to fit the show. DS9 was a show where people came to them. It wasn’t your perfect Star Trek crew, but a group of rebels and Star Fleet officers trying to come to an uneasy peace.

Things changed as the show went on and after about 4 years, the theme no longer fit the show.

I loved Voyager’s theme most of all because it just screamed of exploration. It had a more youthful vigor to it, so it created images of rebel gunslingers in the old West and that’s exactly what Voyager was about. They were a lone ship in the middle of nowhere trying to find their way back home.

I can’t avoid talking about the The Original Series. The original theme was very typical of the 60’s and I’m not going to talk about it. Instead, I am going to how the theme changed in the movies. Composers kept the Wild West aspect of the theme, but also matured it along with the characters. They were still cowboys, but a little long in the tooth.