Remake Sountracks

Remake Sountracks

There are few people that will say that the music to Footloose is not some of the best that have ever been in a movie. It captured a generation with such songs as Footloose by Kenny Loggins, Let's Hear It For The Boy by Deniece Williams and Almost Paradise by Mike Reno and Ann Wilson.


Most of the sounds on that soundtrack have become legend and as soon as your hear them it brings back memories Kevin Bacon's bad dancing. We flash forward and Zach Efron tries to do the same thing in the remake.


Needless to day, the movie wasn't anywhere near the success of the original. Maybe I am just biased because I think Efron is tool. The new soundtrack has many of the original including Footloose and Almost Paradise, but updated for the new generation also commonly referred to as suckified.


I understand that need to create soundtracks for remakes of original movies, especially if that movie is music centered, but as a purist I can't stomach the thought of anyone else singing Footloose. I know, I am old. This is the perspective of a person that was alive for the original and the remake. The teens and tweens that think Efron is dreamy probably have no clue of Kevin Bacon or John Lithgow are. These kids don't see it as a soundtrack to a remake because they never heard of the original.


Even if they did, they would probably hate the music because it was remixed by Cee Lo.