December 2011

Soundtrack for "Mamma Mia! (the film)"

"The music for this movie is the original songs also used in the theatre."

One of the best soundtracks for a movies is from the hit Broadway play, “Mamma Mia”. The Broadway play was first released in 2008 By Universal Pictures Studios. Since then it has been in theatres throughout the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom. The main director was Tom Hanks. 

The movie version of this play tells the story of a girl on a Greek Island who is about to be married. However, she is from a single parent home and does not know her father. Before her wedding, she writes to her potential father. 
However, there are three men who potentially can be her father, as her mother was involved with all at the same time. The movie discusses the complexities of relationships between men and women, and families. The film also looks at the stresses of planning a wedding in a dysfunctional family. The mother is played by Meryl Streep and the role of the daughter is played by Amanda Seyfried.
The music for this movie is the original songs also used in the theatre. It is based on the song from the Swedish hit group, “ABBA,” written in 1975. The movie and the theatre play have both achieved records. The movie is in third place for the highest amount of money from a musical film, whereas has made the most money for any musical. 

Soundtrack For "The Phantom of the Opera: The Movie"

There is hardly a more well known Broadway play then “The Phantom of The Opera”. Not many people are aware of the fact that this Broadway play was also turned into a movie. One of the best things about the movie, that it has all of the original songs from the play. Just like the play the movie version of “The Phantom of the Opera” is worth watching.

The musical was produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber and the movie was made din 2004 by Warner Bros. The movie stars Gerard Butler as the Phantom, Emmy Kossum as “Christine Daae,” Minnie Driver as “Carlotta” and Patrick Wilson as “Raoul.” The play was based on the novel by Gaston Leroux and the movie was filmed at Pinewood Studios.” The movie had a run time of over 143 minutes and it took $70 million to make it. However, it grossed over $150 million at the box office.

Soundtrack For "Gone With the Wind"

One of the greatest movies ever created and considered to be a classic is the movie “Gone With The Wind”. Compared to movies made these days, it was produced with an enormous budget and its undertaking left some people wondering if it would ever be a success. Not only are the scenes and lines within the movie memorable, but so is this movie’s music.

The soundtrack for “Gone With The Wind” has some of the best musicians and composers that were available at that time. Musicians such as Henry Tucker and Nelson Kneass and these musicians were used to tell the story of Rhett Butler and his love for Scarlett O’Hara.

Original Soundtrack From "Grease," the Movie

One of the most well known movie music soundtrack is the songs that accompany the movie “Grease”. Originally created in 1978, the songs from this movie are still being sung by audiences young and old. The movie “Grease” has a setting at a high school and describes the romance between “Danny”, played by John Travolta and “Sandy,” acted by Olivia Newton-John.

The most popular song is “You’re The One That I Want”. This song was a bestseller and topped both the American and English song charts during the year it was released. In terms of other movie soundtracks it is within the top 10 of movie soundtracks of all time.